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Why a Donation section?
First of all, don't worry: StarSims is, and forever will be a 100% free site :)
When I first started this site, I used to host it on a free hosting, but after some time I started enjoing sharing stuff a lot, the site itself grew up and I decided to move to a pay hosting.
This was my choice, and I'm not really asking to the community to pay for my own hobby (because this is just an hobby to me. I'm not sharing CC for money).
By the way, if any of you wants to contribuite with a small donation to help me covering my hosting costs, it would be greatly appreciated!

I may donate, but where's the donation pack preview?
You won't find any donation pack preview simply because there is no donation pack/gift/whatever.
As stated above, StarSims is a totally free site. I enjoy creating and sharing custom contents, and I want them to be accessible by anyone, not just by those who can afford to make a donation.
Beside that, I think that giving a pack/gift only to those who have donated is basically charging money for some product, and the whole "donation" concept is missed - I would be more likely to call it payment.
What you get by donating to StarSims is just a huge, deep, heartfelt "thank you". Yes, I get it: you can't put a thank you in the dowloads folder of The Sims. But then again, I'm not willing to sell anything on this site.

OK, I want to donate. How can I do that?
First, thanks in advance :P
Second, what you need to make a donation is some money, a credit card or a PayPal account.
Once you have these, all you have to do is click on the Pay Pal banner at the bottom of this page: then you'll just have to type your credit card/paypal account data and choose the amount to donate.
You can donate how many money you want; by the way, I've experienced that for any donations lower than 2.00$, PayPal takes everything for their fees and I get nothing - every donation lower then 2.00$ is basically a donation to PayPal :P - so I would suggest you to donate at least 2.00$ (unless you really want to donate to PayPal, that's fully your choice, ihih!).
Once you have chosen the amount, you just have to click on the "PAY" button and you're done. I will let you know that I received your donation as soon as I find out. Pay Pal take no fees on the donor, so all you'll spend is what you decided to donate.

That's all! If you have any other question regarding the donation system or my hosting costs, ask me throught the Help Desk.