I'm gonna collect here reviews of various Sim Sites I found on the net. If you want your site to be reviewed, post here.
Qui metterò delle recensioni di Sim Sites che ho trovato navigando per la rete. Se vuoi una recensione sul tuo sito, posta qui.
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proceed to the site..   Big is Beautiful
Type: Free site
Resolution: 1024x768 or higher
Review: I guess this site's title explains pretty much everything. As MartaXL proudly write in the disclaimer, this site promotes Sims size acceptance. Even thought I like my sims to look like top models and my Sim World to look as perfect as a 50's comedy, I find Marta's creations really original and useful.
I knew her works from MTS and it took me a while to find out her website, so I guess it's fine to advertise it a bit.
The graphic is very simple but easy to navigate, even thought I higly suggest you to use 1024x768 res to browse it.
proceed to the site..   Outrageous Secret
Type: Free w/ Donation packs
Resolution: 800x600, 1024x768
Review: Unlike MartaXL's site, this one is a pretty typical sims site with lots of fashion wear for your (mostly female) sims.
The very first thing I liked about this site is the layout. I definitely have a thing for aestheticism, and I love sites with awsome layouts. I guess Jessica Alba helps too,
since she's oh so outrageously beautiful. Besides this, I can say that this site is mostly about adult female sims fashion, and even thought, unluckly, this is partly pay, the most of the stuff is free and stunning. I noticed a particularity of OS meshes: tiny, tiny feet. Even thought it may looks a little weird, I think it's cute, it makes a sim looks like a geisha. Definitely worth a visit ;)
proceed to the site..   The Strawberry Patch
Type: Free
Resolution: 800x600, 1024x768
Review: Besides having a gorgeous strawberries-themed layout (strawberries? yum **), this site is worth to be mentioned for being a Child fashion sims site. There aren't many sites dedicated only to sims kids, and this is one of them. The site offers lots of stuff for little boys and girls, casual outfits, dresses, hairstyles and also (my favourites) cute
swimsuits. The site is free as I'm writing here, and I hope it will stay free. There's a donation section but with no exclusive donation gifts or stuff like that. Yay for unselfish donations!
The layout is pretty neat, simple and very easy to navigate, both with a 800x600 or a 1024x768 resolution. The webmistress suggests to use Firefox, but I can say that I have no problems browing it with IE or Opera.
proceed to the site..   TS Chibi Sims
Resolution: 800x600, 1024x768
Review: Speaking of age-dedicated sites, here's another one I like.
TS Chibi Sims is a sims-site dedicated to female adult and, mostly, teen fashion.
A lot of sites make good clothing for adults, but never for teens. It drives me nuts, because actually "teen" is the age I like to play the most and, converting adult
clothes for teens is pretty easy and I don't get why the most of creators don't do that.
This sites offer a lot of good quality clothes for teens: casual clothes (some with new meshes), swimwear, and, LINGERIE. I'm so in love with their lingerie! No no, don't get it wrong, I'm not a sort of pervert. I just like female underwear, I myself spend more money for crazy/cute/sexy/whatever underwear than what I spend for shoes, eheheh. The site is totally free; the layout is very simple but at the same time very easy to navigate.
1024X768 resolution is recommended but it's fine to browse the site with a 800x600 res too.
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